Why us

Comfort and professionalism

The very idea of someone touching inside your eyes could be quite unnerving. We understand this completely! Over the years we have found the way to make this process as easy as possible. For the most worried patients we have soothing anesthesia, efficient eye drops, lasers tracking the eye (tracker systems), a device, which prevents you from blinking during the procedure (if you want, we can hold your hand during the procedure). The rooms designed for your comfort provide privacy and the needed quiet and comfort for each patient. The rooms are nicely furnished with two beds, with private bathroom and WC, LCD TV, satellite television, land telephone, wireless internet, nurse call system, air conditioner, and nightstands. Since we are proud of what we do, we could allow someone close to you to observe the procedure, with your permission.

Safety and results

First, let’s not forget what we can do about you: have the best results in the safest way. Our clinic offers the most advanced laser correction! On our website there is detailed scientific information, which confirms the safety and efficiency of the modern Femto-LASIK, and the other FDA-approved laser procedures: PRK, LASEK, Epi-LASIK. Since not all patients are suitable for laser correction of the vision, we are able to offer other procedures, which eliminate the need of glasses – implantation of phakic or multifocal lenses.

Conservative patient care

We treat our patients like people with dignity, and not like cattle! Our style may appear to be old-fashioned in the age of the aggressive corporate laser clinics, but our patients seem to appreciate our special and personal attitude towards them. In our clinic, we try to make the patients feel as comfortable, as in their homes. You can compare the standard of care in the other laser centers. If a laser clinic has several branches or too many doctors (like in Turkey for example), how you can be sure who will take care of you after the procedure, or who has performed it, and will you be able to contact them afterwards? We are a close team and always personally examine our patients after a procedure at the clinic, which should be standard for every doctor.

Luxor Team

High Standards


The laser correction of the vision is a very competitive area. Despite this, we think of our colleagues as doctors, and not as competitors. If you ask us to recommend you a different eye doctor, we may refer you to one. Based on our long-standing aspiration to constant improvement, our Eye Practice does not fit into the idea of a standard clinic. While our laser equipment is arranged in ultramodern building, our way of providing care to our patients is based on the values from the past, and may be considered as old-fashioned.

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