Dr. Georgi Taskov

Georgi Taskov, MD

Georgi Taskov, MD

Gymnasium: English language school "Geo Milev", Burgas, 1999-2004

Medical degree: Medical University Sofia, 2004-2010

Residency (Ophthalmology): Medical University Varna, 2011-2015

Public Health and Health Management: Medical University Plovdiv 2018-2020

Honours and awards

  • 2nd place at Surgical Poster Session of 8th ICMS 2009, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • 1st place at Poster Session Ophthalmology and Otorhinolaryngology of 17th ISCOMS 2010 Groningen, Netherlands
  • Live surgery assistant (refractive surgery) - "Evolution of ophthalmic surgery", 14 May 2016, Plovdiv


  • "Assesment of IOL position in pseudophakic eyes with anterior chamber OCT", XV Congress of the SOLB 17-20 May 2012, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
  • "Clear lens extraction", 2nd Balkan Ophthalmic Wetab Course 26-30 June 2012, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • "Correct matching of multifocal IOLs in bilateral surgery", XVI Congress of the SOLB 16-19 May 2013, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
  • "Multifocal IOLs Restor", 10th Congress of the Society of Macedonian Ophthalmologists 20-23 June 2013 in Ohrid, Macedonia
  • "Historic development of the hospitals and the technologies" Conference with live surgery "The operation theatre of the future" 04 April 2015, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
  • "Future of cataract surgery" Conference with live surgery "Evolution of ophthalmic surgery", 14 May 2016, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
  • "Laser refractive surgery", Practical approaches in Ophthalmology – Resident course – Module 1, Medical University Plovdiv 28-29 October 2016, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
  • "Femto-LASIK in low degree ametropias", 32th Congress of Sofia Ophthalmic Society "Advancements in Ophthalmology", 02-04 December 2016, Pravets, Bulgaria
  • "Toric intraocular lenses" Ophthalmologists meeting with live surgery "Together for European quality of ophthalmic care in Bulgaria", 24 June 2017, Stara Zagora, Bulgaria
  • "Presbyopia? The right choice?!", XII Congress of the BDO, 19-22 October 2017, Sofia
  • "Trifocal IOLs" XIII Cataract and refractive surgery academy (Alcon company), 12 May 2018, Borovets

"Higher order aberration (HOA) changes after Femto-LASIK in topography and wavefront guided treatments", XXXVI ESCRS 22-26th September 2018, Vienna

Panoptix Trifocal Technology Platform, Alcon Round Table Event, 30th May 2019, Limassol

“Higher order aberration (HOA) changes after Femto-LASIK in topography and wavefront guided treatments”, “Folia Medica“ journal, 30th June 2020


  • First Balkan Wetlab – Cataract course, 21-25 June 2011 in Sofia
  • Ozurdex Injection Wetlab – organized by Allergan, 7th September 2012 in Milano
  • Specialization in posterior segment surgery under supervision of prof. Binder and her team, eye department of Rudolfstiftung hospital - 2012/2013, Vienna
  • Refractive Surgery Course (dr. Arthur Cummings) - 22-25 March 2015, Dublin
  • Professional service in eye clinics – 19 March 2016, Tryavna
  • Cornea and corneal refractive surgery module by ESASO (European School for Advanced Studies in Ophthalmology) - 4-8 September 2017, Lugano
  • Echography - 13-15th November 2017 MU Sofia
  • Critical Appraisal Course - 1st and 2nd December 2017 Sofia
  • Paediatric ophthalmology and strabismus - 4-6th December 2017 MU Sofia
  • Laser therapy in the ophthalmology - 10-12th January 2018 MU Sofia
  • Corneal transplantation - 24-26th January 2018 MU Sofia
  • Fluorescein angiography, OCT, clinical correlation - 14-16th March 2018 MU Sofia
  • Vitreoretinal surgery and retinal detachment - 14-18th May 2018 MU Sofia


4-7 June 2011 SOE in Geneva

29 June – 2 July 2011 WGC (World Glaucoma Congress) in Paris

16-20 February 2012 WOC Abu Dhabi

2 June 2012 Carl-Zeiss international refractive user symposium in Limassol

6-9 September 2012 XXII Euroretina in Milano

8-12 September 2012 XXX ESCRS in Milano

15-17 February 2013 XXXII ESCRS winter meeting in Warsaw

4-5 October 2013 IV Eucornea in Amsterdam

5-9 October 2013 XXXI ESCRS in Amsterdam

2-6 April 2014 WOC in Tokyo

10-11 September 2014 Alcon Wavelight users symposium

13-17 September 2014 XXXII ESCRS in London

29-31 May 2015 Carl-Zeiss international refractive user symposium in Florence

5-9 September 2015 XXXIII ESCRS in Barcelona

24-25 June 2016 II EMYO in Oviedo

7-11 October 2017 XXXV ESCRS in Lisbon

2-4th March 2018 II Allergan Beyond meeting in Praga

22-26 September 2018 XXXVI ESCRS in Vienna



European society of cataract and refractive surgeons (ESCRS)

Union of eye doctors in Bulgaria (SOLB)

Bulgarian comradeship of ophthalmology (BDO)

Foreign languages


(Cambridge First Sertificate "B" Grade)
Listening: C1Reading: C1
Spoken interaction: C1
Spoken production: C1
Writing: C1


Listening: B1Reading: C1
Spoken interaction: B2
Spoken production: B2
Writing: B2


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