Dr. Svetoslava Karparova

Svetoslava Karpanova, MD

Svetoslava Karpanova, MD

Project manager and business development

Project manager and business development

Gymnasium: Humanitarian high school Plovdiv with a profile of International tourism in German, Typography and Stenography

Medical degree: Medical University Plovdiv

Many years of experience on the field of trade with medical devices and equipment - technological solutions, innovations, accompanying consumables, contrast agents and medications in the areas of Diagnostic Imaging, Clinical Laboratory, Ophthalmology and Microsurgery, Anesthesiology and Resuscitation, Invasive Cardiology, Oncology and Radio-surgery, Neonatology , Surgery, Sterilization and general-purpose equipment, Hospital pharmacy.

Worked as a Sales Director of Team for Sales of Medical Devices and Equipment and has been the Project leader of the OMNIS® concept of Sopharma Trading - the patented name of the first project in Bulgaria, concerning a complete algorithm for design, development and implementation of package deals and turnkey projects in the sphere of Healthcare.


  • Bulgarian Medical Association
  • Bulgarian Homeopathic Organisation

Honours and awards

  • Winner of the International honor International Sales Champion 2005, Sanofi-Aventis, France
  • Winner of the price Successful performance 2006, Pfizer, USA

Courses / Certificates

    Completed European Course of Sales Skills, Negotiations and Presentations.

    Trained and certified in the areas of Project Management, National and International Business Etiquette for Professionals, Performance Management - Human Resource Development, Effective Negotiation, Pharmacovigilance and Reporting of Adverse Drug Reactions, Administration of Documentation under the Public Procurement Act, Mergers and Acquisitions, Approaches to Communication, Influence and Relationship Management, Coaching and Leadership.

    Graduated Clinical Homeopath at a Medical University of Sofia and the European School of Clinical Homeopathy

Foreign languages


Listening: C1Reading: C1
Spoken interaction: C1
Spoken production: C1
Writing: C1


Listening: A2Reading: A2
Spoken interaction: A2
Spoken production: A2
Writing: A2


Listening: B2Reading: B2
Spoken interaction: B2
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